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Specialization in Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism

Devotion, the life of the spirit, and the quest to stand in the Divine presence have been a vital part of the Jewish journey since ancient times.

This track is designed to lead the students on an exploration of the pathways of Jewish mysticism and spirituality from the Hebrew Bible to the present day. Through careful text study we will reflect upon the relevance of these teachings for our own lives, and examine how the wisdom of Jewish spirituality and mysticism can inform enduring human questions of meaning and shape our responses to contemporary issues.

• Spiritual Journeys: An Entry into Jewish Mysticism
• Sacred Beginnings: Creation Theology in the Zohar and Safed Kabbalah
• The Devotional Life: Jewish Spiritual Practices and the Mystical Tradition
• Master and Disciple: Hasidic Wisdom and the Student-Teacher Relationship  
• Holiness and Community: Sacred Fellowships in Jewish Mysticism
• New Horizons: Twentieth-Century Spirituality, Neo-Hasidism and Modern Mysticism

Course of Study

All Master’s in Jewish Studies students take a common core before specializing. The common core gives students an overview of Jewish history, combining in-depth text study with a global picture of Jewish experience across the three millennia. All students also choose two readings courses from two different time periods (Biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern), offered with rotating topics, allowing them to do advanced study in a broader field that matches their intellectual and spiritual interests. 

  • Texts and Contexts: Foundations of Jewish Cultures and Wisdom
  • Creation, Revelation, Redemption: Studies in Biblical Literature
  • Zachor: An Exploration of Jewish Memory 
  • The Histories of God: Readings in Classical Jewish Theology
  • The Nature of Torah: How to Read Torah, Midrash, Mishnah and Talmud as Natural Systems
  • Modern Hebrew Literature
  • Approaching the Holocaust: History, Memory and Faith

Degree Requirements

  • Demonstrated Hebrew proficiency of Level 4 or higher
  • Completion of 36 credits, including core classes and electives



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