Marion Gribetz


Marion Gribetz
Director of Educational Iniatives
Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education  | 617-559-8655

Contemporary Issues in Jewish Education; Art as Education; Israel Education; Professional Development


  • M.A.  Tufts University
  • B.A. Barnard College, Columbia University
  • Doctoral Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

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Marion is on the faculty of the Shoolman Graduate of Jewish Education and is the Director of Educational Initiatives at Hebrew College in Newton MA.  She teaches in, oversees and directs all aspects of many professional learning programs at the college including the Pardes Educator Program and community initiatives in teacher learning. As a faculty member at Hebrew College she has taught on a variety of topics in Jewish Education including Strategic Planning for Jewish Education, Arts and Jewish Studies in the Jewish School, Foundations of Congregational Education, Seminar in Jewish Pluralism, Theory and Practice of Experiential Education, Issues in the Teaching of Israel and the Graduate Research Seminar.



Her research and study areas include teacher professional growth, the context of American Jewish education and the arts as education. Some of her recent publications and research projects include : Current Status and Potential for Online and Blended Learning in Jewish Days Schools ( unpublished report to the Avi Chai Foundation ); Mapping Professional Development for Jewish Educators ( Fisher-Bernstein Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership) ; Lessons from Mapping Jewish Education (Fisher-Bernstein Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership) ; Limud by the Lake Revisited (AVI CHAI) ; Re-envisioning Israel Education ( Sh’ma ); Learning and Community: Jewish Supplementary Schools in the Twenty-first century). Research topics: Online and Blended Learning in Jewish Day Schools and Israel Education in Jewish Day Schools.


  • Introduction to Pluralist Judaism
  • Case Studies in Jewish Educational Leadership
  • Graduate Research Seminar in Jewish Education
Selected Publications
  • Two chapters in: Learning and Community: Jewish Supplementary Schools in the Twenty-first Century (Edited by Jack Wertheimer, Brandeis University Press, 2009)
  • “A More Robust Education” in Shma February 2008 
  • Member of  Research team for: 
  • Lessons from Mapping Jewish Education, 2007, Brandeis University
  • Mapping Professional Development, 2008, Brandeis University 
  • Likud by the Lake Revisited: Growth and Change at Jewish Summer Camp, 2011, AVI CHAI foundation

Research Grants

  • AVI CHAI foundation : Analysis of Online and Blended Learning in Jewish Day Schools
  • Network for Research in Jewish Education : Assessment of areas for growth and collaboration for the NRJE 
  • • Recent speeches/presentations/videos of performances etc.
  • Teaching of Tzion Adult education program 
  • Legacy Heritage Teacher Institute, faculty member and mentor


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