Me'ah Classic

Me'ah Classic: Literacy, Learning, Legacy: 100 hours of Jewish study 

The Jewish "conversation" stretches over 3,000 years, with each generation interpreting and reinterpreting the core texts of jewish life.  Me'ah Classic is a comprehensive and engaging Adult Learning experience that empowers students to become part of that conversation. Me'ah-Hebrew for 100-is led by outstanding faculty from Greater Boston academic institutions, who are attuned to the needs of adult learners.  Reading, text study, lectures and discussions are combined to develop a rich experience for the community of learners who share this two-year journey together.

During Year One, Me'ah Classic participants delve into core Hebrew Bible and rabbinic texts that are the very the basis of Jewish beliefs, behaviors and community.  The Fall class with focus on Bible, Winter and Spring will focus on Rabbinics.

During Year TwoMe'ah Classic participants journey through medieval and modern periods, exploring the philosophy, poetry, and thought that reflect each era's unique social and cultural themes and inter-relationships.  The Fall class with focus on Medieval, Winter and Spring will focus on the Modern Jewish experience.

New Me’ah Classic classes will begin each Fall at various locations throughout Greater Boston.  In the Fall of 2017, this included Brookline, Concord, Cambridge, Lexington, Newton, and Westwood.

We are happy to offer generous financial aid for all of our classes, please contact our office for more information,

What our Me'ah students say:

"I loved the instructors exuberance, her enthusiasm for the subject...she helped me to discover Torah, the nuanced meanings behind the words!"

"I had a chance to think about Judaism, to revisit "facts" and myths I had learned as a child, and to put them in perspective as they apply to my current life."

"Me'ah has truly been a wonderful experience for me-academically, spiritually, and socially."

"I am not a religious person, and always had trouble connecting.  Me'ah gave me the tools and interest to find meaning and connection to Judaism.  Now, I'm ready to continue learning, even after 2 years of study!"

"We are so taken with this course-what a wonderful chance for me to learn with my spouse!"

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Sara Riedner Brown
Associate Director, Me'ah