Academic Calendar 2017-2018

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Date Event Notes
Aug. 27-28 Rabbinical School & Mekorot Orientation  
Aug. 29-31 Rabbinical School Elul Minimester 6 days  
Sept. 5-8 School of Jewish Music (SJM) Orientation & Seminar  
Sept. 7 Shoolman School of Jewish Education/Jewish Studies Orientation  
Sept. 8-10 Rabbinical School/SJM Shabbaton Camp Yavneh  
Sept. 4 Labor Day Campus Closed
Sept. 11 Fall semester begins (College)  
Sept. 18 Add/Drop period ends for fall semester  
Sept. 20 Erev Rosh HaShannah Campus closes at 1pm
Sept. 21-22 Rosh HaShannah Campus Closed
Sept. 21-29 No classes: Rosh Hashanna through Yom Kippur  
Sept. 29 Erev Yom Kippur Campus Closed
Oct. 4 Erev Sukkot Campus closes at 1pm
Oct. 5-6 Sukkot Campus Closed
Oct. 9-11 Intermediate Days of Sukkot Campus open; Classes held
Oct. 11 Hoshana Rabba Services in Beit Midrash Campus closes at 1pm for Erev Shmini Atzeret
Oct. 12-13 Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Campus closed
Nov. 6 Campus-wide Day of Learning No Rabbinical School classes
Nov. 6-7 Ta Sh'ma  
Nov. 22   Campus closes at 1pm for Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 23-24 Thanksgiving Campus closed
Dec. 12-20 Chanukah Campus Open
Dec. 22 Fall Semester Ends
Dec. 23, 2017-Jan. 1, 2018 Winter Break Campus Closed

SPRING SEMESTER 2018: Feb. 5 - May 18
Date Event Notes
Jan. 2 Campus reopens   
Jan. 15 Martin Luther King Jr., Day Campus closed
Jan. 29-Feb. 2 Rabbinical School Winter Seminar  
Feb. 5 Spring Semester Begins (College)  
Feb. 12 Add/drop ends (College)
Feb. 19 President's Day Campus closed
Feb. 28 Erev Purim Campus closes at 1pm
March 1 Purim Campus Closed
March 19 College-wide Day of Learning  
March 30 Erev Pesach Campus closed
April 2-4 Intermediate Days of Pesach  Campus open; no classes held
April 5 Erev last two days of Pesach Campus closed
April 6-7 Last two days of Pesach Campus closed
April 16 Campus-wide Day of Learning  
April 18 Yom HaZikaron  
April 19 Yom HaAtzmau't: Day of Learning, school-wide  
May 18 Spring Semester Ends  
May 20-21 Shavuot Campus Closed
May 28 Memorial Day Campus Closed
June 3 Graduation and Ordination Ceremonies