Boston Bridges Fellowship

A Fellowship for Religious & Communal Leaders

Sponsors: Hebrew College & Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries

Need: We live in an age of unprecedented interaction among people
with different religious identities and communal affiliations. In order to
foster a healthy democratic society and enrich our religious communities, we
need leaders that can help their constituents engage this diversity in
constructive and meaningful ways. 

Response: Hebrew College is excited to present the
Boston Bridges Fellowship Program for emerging religious and communal leaders.
The purpose of the initiative is to provide outstanding individuals the
opportunity to develop sustained relationships with peers from different
religious and cultural contexts and to refine and deepen their leadership
skills for service in a diverse society. 12 Fellowships will be awarded annually. 

Program Structure: The Boston Bridges program will consist of 9
in-person meetings (once monthly from September to May) on the Hebrew College
campus in Newton, MA. Each meeting will include an informal dinner (30-45
minutes), a leadership development presentation (45-60 minutes), and group
discussion (45-60 minutes). Sessions will be led by Hebrew College faculty and
staff, as well as outstanding religious, cultural, and civic leaders from the
Greater Boston area. Fellows will also be invited to introduce each other to
their respective religious communities in creative ways.

2017-2018 Meeting Dates: 2nd or 3rd Thursdays of the month: September 14, 2017; October 19, 2017; November 16, 2017; December 14, 2017; January 11,
2018; February 8, 2018; March 15, 2018; April 19, 2018; May
10, 2018

Eligibility: This fellowship program is open to leaders with up to
approximately five years of professional or significant volunteer experience in
houses of worship, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and
health care facilities in the Greater Boston area (or from elsewhere in New
England with permission from the program coordinator).

Participant Expectations: Each participant will actively engage in
at least eight of the nine in-person sessions. The group meetings will require
30-45 minutes of reading or other preparation. All fellows will be expected to
write two short reflective essays on their experiences in the program or on a
related topic. The Boston Bridges staff will help to place these reflections in
local and national media outlets.

Fellowship Stipends: Each participant will receive a $1,000
stipend paid in two equal disbursements, January 2018 and June 2018.
Final stipend disbursements will be contingent upon participation in a minimum
of eight cohort gatherings, submission of two reflective essays no later than
May 1, 2018, and a brief exit interview and written evaluation with the Boston
Bridges coordinator to be completed by May 31, 2018.

How to apply: The 2017-2018 application is now available here or via:


Application deadline: July 31, 2017.

2017-2018 fellows will be
selected by August 15, 2017.

For further information, contact Miller Center Associate Director, Rev. Soren M. Hessler:


Rabbi Or Rose

Rev. Soren Hessler
Associate Director