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Cost of Attendance

Accelerated Cantorial Program Reduces Your Costs

Hebrew College’s first-of-its-kind accelerated cantorial program helps you become a cantor in only three years, two years fewer than if you enroll in a standard five-year program. Thanks to our intensive Prayer Leader Summer Institute (PLSI), you can enter the cantorate two years sooner than your peers at other cantorial programs without sacrificing the quality of Hebrew College and the School of Jewish Music’s well-known educational experience.  

This means you’ll need to take out fewer student loans than your peers, and can begin making a living as a cantor (and paying off those loans) before your peers. 

Even though the PLSI increases your per-year costs to attend Hebrew College in two of the years, you will save significantly in the long run.  Additionally, our program tuition includes individualized voice lessons and cantorial coaching in every semester of attendance.

Tuition Expenses

One $30,000 $30,000 + $9,000 for PLSI
Two $30,000 $30,000 + $9,000 for PLSI
Three $30,000 $30,000
Four $30,000  $0 (you're making money now)
Five $30,000  $0 (you're making money now)
TOTAL $150,000 $108,000

And, if you factor in graduate student living expenses, you will also be saving two years’ worth of rent and food in a city likely to have a very high cost of living. 

Hebrew College is committed to helping you finance your cantorial education through the awarding of merit scholarships, donor-funded Fellowships and need-based grants. Remember that very few students are paying Hebrew College’s full tuition and fees price. The vast majority of students receive some form of financial aid covering a significant percentage of their costs. 

Read a description of Hebrew College’s financial aid process.

Pictured above: Joshua Jacobson, visiting professor and senior consultant in the School of Jewish Music and founder/Director of Zamir Chorale of Boston.


Marcia Spellman
Administrator, School of Jewish Music

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