Celebration Chairs and Host Committee

Elizabeth and Dan Jick, Co-chairs
Jamie and Harold Kotler, Co-chairs 

Susan, MAJS’11, and Aron Ain
Rabbi Marc Baker
Beverly and Donald Bavly
Joyce and Michael Bohnen
Betty Brudnick, P’46
Lois and Mickey Cail
Ronni and Ronald Casty
Roberta and Irwin Chafetz
Carol and Carl Chudnofsky
Jill Cohen and Michael Savit
Ted Cutler
Judy and Rabbi Josh Elkin
Ruth and Edward Feinberg
Deborah, MAJS’06, and Ron Feinstein
Renee and Steven Finn 
Brenda and Harvey Freishtat
Linda and Michael Frieze
Annette Furst and Jim Miller
Connie Gilson
Carol R. and Avram J. Goldberg
Deborah B. Goldberg and Michael Winter   
Avis and Harold Goldstein
Lillian and Richard Gray
Linda and David Greenseid
Winnie and Steven Grinspoon
Barbara and Steve Grossman
Patti and Louis Grossman
Jacqueline Hallo and David Bunis 
Ronda and Joshua Jacobson, P’70
Ellen Cohen Kaplan and Jeff Kaplan
Barbara and Leo Karas
Matthew King
Judith and Douglas Krupp
Deborah and Geoffrey Kurinsksy
Ruth Langer and Jonathan Sarna, P’70, BHL’74
Lisa and Rabbi Daniel Lehmann 
Bette Ann Libby and David Begelfer
Betty Ann, MAJS’05, and Dan Miller
Beth and Michael Moskowitz
Rabbi Suzanne, Rab’09, and Andrew Offit
Sari Anne Rapkin
Joan Rosenberg
Elyse and Howard Rubin
Amy, MAJS’93, Rab’14, and Rick Sands
Ellen and Steven Segal
Enid A. Shapiro
Ellie and Barry Shrage
Heidi and Rabbi Joel Sisenwine
Gilda and Alfred Slifka
Myra, MAJS’01, and Robert Snyder, P’63
Marjorie and Rabbi Mark Sokoll
Stephanie and Jim Sokolove
Jen Slifka Vidal and Luis Vidal
Nancy and Christopher Winship
Genevieve and Justin Wyner
Robin and Anthony Zelle 
Leslie Ann and Kenneth Zises