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Community Education Courses

Each semester, Hebrew College offers a variety of online and on-campus courses which are open to the general community as non-credit (audit) courses at a considerable tuition discount.

Whether you are looking to deepen your knowledge of Jewish history, delve into issues of Jewish thought, or brush up on your Hebrew language skills, Hebrew College’s Community Education courses will expand and enrich your Jewish learning.

Fall 2016 Courses

Registration is currently open for Hebrew College’s Community Education courses.  Courses for the fall semester include:

Approaching the Holocaust: History, Memory and Faith with Barry Mesch (online) 

The Nazi Destruction of the Jews in Europe from 1933–1945 has been the subject of an enormous amount of research and reflection. Countless books, articles, films, novels, poetry, art, biographies, autobiographies have attempted to understand and engage the events of those years. We have learned a great deal but the phenomenon of the Holocaust continues to defy our understanding. In this course we will focus on three aspects of the Holocaust.

What happened: An overview of the narrative history of the what, where, and when. Memorializing the Holocaust—Documentary films and museums and memorials dedicated to the Holocaust. How should we remember? Jewish religious responses to the Holocaust – Theodicy – What does am segulah – chosen (special) peoplehood – mean in the context of the Holocaust? Every student will choose a first person account which will serve as lens through which the experience of the Holocaust will be interpreted.

Music of the Jewish People with Judith Pinnolis (online)

This online course investigates the role that music has played in Jewish life from ancient to modern times. Topics include music in the time of the Bible, rabbinic attitudes toward music, music and mysticism, the development of the modes for prayer and scriptural cantillation, church and synagogue music compared, music of the holidays and the life cycle, folk and popular music in the Diaspora, the development of art music in the modern era, and music in modern Israel. 


These courses are open to the general community as non-credit (audit) courses at a considerable tuition discount of $500 per course.  

Hebrew Language Courses

In addition, Hebrew College offers four separate Hebrew language programs, on campus or online:

  • Ulpan — On campus, weekday evenings, at many levels.  Designed for individuals interested in learning conversational Hebrew through the lens of Israeli culture.
  • Hebrew Language & Culture — On campus, weekday evenings.  Focusing on language acquisition and literacy and designed for students who wish to gain access to authentic Hebrew texts from biblical to modern.
  •  Graduate Hebrew — On campus, weekdays.  These for-credit courses are for individuals preparing for advanced textual study requiring a strong background in classical Hebrew and grammar.
  • Modern Hebrew Online —  Learn Hebrew on your own schedule and at your own level.  Designed for beginning to intermediate Hebrew students who want to improve their skills in understanding and speaking modern Hebrew.



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