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Year 1

Hebrew Bible

Explore the Hebrew Bible through focused discussion of coretexts, including the creation stories, the binding of Isaac, the Exodus story, the revelation at Sinai and the prophetic books.


Study texts from the Rabbinic Period (300 BCE to 500 CE) to explore the relationship between God and human beings, Jewish history and ethics, and the role of ritual in our lives.

Year 2


Our study of the Middle Ages (500 CE to 1600 CE) focuses on Jewish encounters with non-Jews, including political and cultural relations with Islamic and Christian civilizations.


Learn about modern Jewish thought, and explore the origins of the Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox and Hasidic and Zionist movements. Wrestle with what it means to be a Jew in the world today.


Me'ah for Educators will spur your own personal and professional growth and help you in your vital role."

— Rachel Raz. Associate Director, Early Childhood Institute