Rabbi Daniel Klein

Rabbi Daniel Klein

Rabbi Daniel Klein, Rab`10, MJEd`10
Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Life
Rabbinical School of Hebrew College

Director of Student Life
Hebrew College
dklein@hebrewcollege.edu  | 617-559-8637

Admissions and student life


  • Rabbinic Ordination, Rabbinical School of Hebrew College
  • MJEd, Hebrew College
  • B.A., University of Chicago



Involvement in Rabbinic Education

"Hameir la’aretz viladarim aleha birachamim

God illuminates the earth and those who dwell on it with compassion (Morning liturgy)

How does the world, our communities, and our lives become filled with light? Through the unceasing, resilient effort to bring more rachamim (compassion) and chesed (lovingkindness) into the world. More than that, says the Noam Elimelech, an early 19th Century Hasidic rabbi, when we act from love, our actions have the capacity to transform worlds because they are in harmony with the structure and language of creation and Torah.

I am passionate about rabbinic education because I believe in the capacity of spiritual leadership to help create a vibrant Jewish present and future when it is rooted in Jewish tradition, infused with the spirit of adventure, and driven by a sustained commitment to caring for others with unceasing compassion. Certainly rabbis need to be knowledgeable, skillful teachers and leaders; but most importantly, they need to be grounded in the ongoing development of the habits of heart and mind to meet people where they are and offer loving support, companionship and guidance. From the moment people start to engage with our school, my hope and prayer is that they experience and sense our dedication to engaging people with rachamim and chesed. It is this commitment that is the foundation of our tradition, and our work, and infuses our school with the sense of joy and the spirit of openness of who and what we personally and collectively can become."


Daniel Klein grew up in Newton, MA and has been part of Hebrew College for over 20 years, attending as a teenager Prozdor, Hebrew College’s Hebrew High School, and Camp Yavneh, an affiliate of Hebrew College. Daniel earned his BA from The University of Chicago. Raised to love Judaism and Jews, Daniel found his own path into Jewish tradition beginning in college in the writings of Abraham Joshua Heschel, Arthur Green and the Hasidic masters. After teaching middle school and high school social studies at a Jewish Day School in New Jersey, Daniel came to rabbinical school and was ordained by Hebrew College in 2010. In addition to being the Director of Admissions for the Rabbinical School, Daniel is also the Director of Student Life for the College and serves as the Rabbi in Residence of The Boston Synagogue. He now lives again in Newton with his wife Jen and their two children, Micah and Nora.


Selected Publications

  • The Human Soul is a Candle of God: Finding Meaning in Existence. Huffington Post Religion (May, 2016)
  • Singing in the Dark: Leviticus and the Call for Justice. (Hebrew College blog (April, 2016)
  • On Joseph, Shaving, and Being Human.Huffington Post Religion (Dec. 2015)
  • Seeing Past, Present and Future on the Road to Justice. Huffington Post Religion (Aug., 2015)
  • Hope and Despair. Huffington Post Religion (July, 2014)