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Search first by subject in an online index to periodical literature such as the databases RAMBI —The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies; the Index to Jewish Periodicals; ERIC , or the ATLAS Religion Database.
The library does not subscribe to all of the journals indexed in these
databases. You may use the following databases for simultaneous searches
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How to find out if the library subscribes to a particular journal
The Library provides hundreds of Hebrew and English journals in print, and thousands of journals electronically. You can search for a journal title in Serials Solutions to learn whether the College has electronic or hard copy access to a journal, and to find the article in full text, if available. Many titles will link directly to the journal's home page, where you can then search by title, author, subject, or issue to find full-text articles. Please note that not all issues of a journal may be online, and some may not be in full text. If the article you want is not available, please request it through interlibrary loan.

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ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB)
The History E-Book Project is a continually growing database of hundreds of full-text books of major importance to historical studies. With concentrations in American, European, Middle Eastern, and comparative World history, this fully searchable collection is unique in that most of its titles are not available in electronic format anywhere else.

ATLAS Religion Database
The American Theological Library Association's ATLAS database includes thousands of citations and full-text articles from a wide variety of theological and religious journals, including a comprehensive "scripture reference" index.

Biblical Archaeology Society Online
The Biblical Archaeology Society's studies and reports illuminate the use of archaeological methods to assess the historicity of biblical texts. All biblical references are linked to the scriptural texts.

Compact Memory—Internetarchiv jüdischer Periodika (in German)
Compact Memory offers searchable digitalized versions of dozens of German-Jewish journals and newspapers from the 18th through 20th centuries.

Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive
The Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive offers thousands of fully searchable tracks of Jewish music and humor, including cantorial, Yiddish, Ladino, Israeli and Hasidic performances and radio broadcasts. Hebrew College's extensive LP collection has also been digitized and included in the Archive. (QuickTime music player must be installed)

  • Off-campus access is available: To access the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive from off-campus, go to the archive website and click on the link on the middle left: Register. State your Hebrew College affiliation in the registration box.

The Directory of Open Access Journals includes many full-text, quality-controlled scholarly journals. There are more than 600 journals included in the directory which cover the areas of religion, philosophy, social sciences, gender studies, education, anthropology and more.


The ebrary Academic Complete database is a growing collection of e-books spanning all subject areas. It includes more than 85,000 multidisciplinary titles. The majority of titles are published in 2004 or later.  ebrary is fully searchable and allows you to read full-text books from the convenience of any Internet-enabled computer.

The catalog records for our holdings have now been entered into the online library catalog OPALS and are fully searchable.

Some of the e-book records currently in the catalog are no longer licensed by ebrary.  We are slowing removing the dead links. Please notify the library at if you find an e-book link that is not active.

Ebsco Religion & Philosophy Collection
A database covering topics such as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. With nearly 300 full-text journal, and more than 250 peer-reviewed titles, it is an essential tool for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies.

EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service
While many of our e-journals are available individually, this database allows you to perform combined searches in more than three dozen e-journals to which the Gann Library subscribes:

  • AJS Review
  • American Jewish History
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • East European Jewish Affairs
  • Educational Theory
  • EDUCAUSE Quarterly
  • Harvard Education Letter
  • Harvard Educational Review
  • Harvard Theological Review
  • Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • Israel Horizons
  • Israel Studies
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Social Studies
  • Jewish Studies Quarterly
  • Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
  • Journal for the Study of Judaism
  • The Journal of Israeli History
  • Journal of Jewish Education
  • The Journal of Jewish Thought & Philosophy
  • Journal of Modern Jewish Studies
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • Journal of Palestine Studies
  • The Journal of Religion
  • Journal of Religious Ethics
  • Journal of Semitic Studies
  • Journal of the American Academy of Religion
  • Library Journal
  • Modern Judaism—A Journal of Jewish Ideas and Experience
  • Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues
  • Patterns of Prejudice
  • Prooftexts
  • Religious Education
  • Review of Rabbinic Judaism
  • Revue des Études Juives
  • Shofar
  • Teachers College Record
  • The Jewish Quarterly Review
  • Vetus Testamentum

Ebscohost Full Text Finder
Search for full text in journals and ebooks.

Encyclopedia Britannica
The Encyclopedia Britannica Academic Edition (access provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners).

Encyclopædia Judaica
The completely updated online version of the classic, authoritative Encyclopædia Judaica contains more than 21,000 articles as well as maps, tables, photos and over 30,000 new bibliographical listings.

A database of articles, books and documents on a broad range of education-related issues, published by Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), a federally funded national information system.

Expanded Academic ASAP
From arts and humanities to social sciences, science and technology, this database meets research needs across all academic disciplines. Access scholarly journals, news magazines, and newspapers—many with full text and images. Part of the InfoTrac group of databases.

This website concentrates on the works of North American rabbis (in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English), but now contains thousands of older works. About 40,000 out-of-print books and journals may be downloaded as PDF images. Published by the Society for the Preservation of Hebrew Books, focused on preserving all Torah seforim ever printed.

Index to Jewish Periodicals
The Index to Jewish Periodicals is a comprehensive guide to English-language articles, book reviews and feature stories in more than 160 journals devoted to Jewish affairs. Some journals are indexed as far back as 1988. The Index to Jewish Periodicals will link directly to the full-text journal when available. Choose the EBSCOhost Web link.

InfoTrac is a collection of databases that can be searched globally or individually. It includes:

  • Academic OneFile (includes The New York Times full text from 1995 and is searchable as a separate file)
  • Business and Company Profiles
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • General Business File ASAP
  • Health Reference Center Academic
  • Professional Collection
  • Student Edition (for high-school students)
  • Student Resource Center—Junior

IngentaConnect is a comprehensive collection of academic and professional publications, primarily in the hard and soft sciences. IngentaConnect offers nearly 30,000 article citations and summaries. Articles are also available for purchase on a pay-per-view basis or may be requested free of charge via Interlibrary Loan.

Jewish Studies Source
The database contains over 400 full-text titles, including 123 full-text journals and magazines. Sources comprising the collection include full-text for leading academic journals within the discipline, monographs, related articles from major periodicals and newspapers, and over 1,600 biographies of leading historical and contemporary Jews.
The 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia was originally published between 1901–1906. This online version contains more than 15,000 unedited articles and illustrations from the original encyclopedia. Since the original work was completed almost 100 years ago, it does not cover a significant portion of modern Jewish history (e.g., the creation of Israel, the Holocaust, etc.).

Jiddischer Drucke (Yiddish Prints)
This "Yiddish Prints" Collection of the Frankfurt University Library contains about 800 Yiddish books of all kinds, some of which are extremely rare books or unique editions. The texts were printed in Hebrew letters in Western, Central and Eastern Europe between the middle of the 16th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Collection
Focused on the arts and humanities, JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Collection contains 150 journals, which include important titles in Jewish studies, religion, philosophy and women's studies. JSTOR offers researchers the ability to retrieve searchable images of journals as they were originally designed.


Mechon Mamre: Online Resources for Learning Torah
This online database offers free access to the texts of Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim (in Hebrew, Aramaic, English and parallel Hebrew and English); Rambam's Mishneh Torah (in Hebrew); Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud Yerushalmi, and Talmud Bavli (in Hebrew). For Tanakh verses with links to relevant references in the Rabbinical literature (in Hebrew), go to Sifrut HaKodesh.

Naxos Online Music Library (including the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music)
Naxos Online offers continual access to more than 80,000 musical tracks in classical, jazz, folk, blues and world music. We have online access to the entire Milken Archive of American Jewish Music, consisting of hundreds of cantorial, klezmer, Hasidic, Sephardic and Yiddish classics. To access the Milken Archive from Naxos Online, go to Categories, then Collections, then Milken Archive.

  • Off-campus access is available: To access Naxos Online from off campus, send an email to to receive your login username, password and instructions. Please be sure to include your full name, email address and Student ID or Gann Library membership bar code in the body of the email. If you have questions or encounter difficulties, please contact Harvey Sukenic or the Library Circulation Desk at 617-559-8750.

OCLC FirstSearch
FirstSearch provides instant online access to WorldCat, the OCLC catalog of books, web resources and other material.
Check here for Israeli newspapers including Ha'Aretz, Jerusalem Post, Ye'diot Achronot, Ma'ariv and more. Find current information on Israeli politics, events, business and entertainment in English, Hebrew and Russian.


Proquest Newspapers
Full-text content of Massachusetts newspapers including the Boston Globe (1980 to current) and the Boston Herald (1991 to current). Choose the News- Proquest Newspapers link under Database on the Proquest page.

Publication List

The following list features publications of interest to Hebrew College students:

  • Aleph: Historical Studies in Science & Judaism
  • The American Journal of Sociology
  • American Journal of Theology & Philosophy
  • Bible Review
  • Biblical Archaeology Review
  • The Catholic Biblical Quarterly
  • Commentary
  • Commonweal
  • Conversations in Religion and Theology
  • Cross Current
  • History of Religions
  • Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • International Journal for Philosophy of Religion
  • International Journal of Practical Theology
  • Israel Studies
  • Jewish Social Studies
  • Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
  • Journal of Biblical Literature
  • Journal of Church and State
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion
  • Journal of Islamic Studies
  • Journal of Media and Religion
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • Journal of Pastoral Counseling
  • Journal of Psychology and Theology
  • Journal of Religion & Abuse
  • The Journal of Religion
  • Journal of Religious Ethics
  • Journal of Religious History
  • Journal of Religious Thought
  • Journal of Semitic Studies
  • Journal of Theological Studies
  • Journal of Women and Religion
  • Judaism
  • Literature & Theology
  • Modern Theology
  • Moment
  • Neue Zeitschrift for Systematische Theologie und
  • Religionsphilosophie
  • New Oxford Review
  • Old Testament Abstracts
  • Prooftexts
  • Religion and American Culture
  • Religion, State & Society
  • Religious Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Religious Studies and Theology
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Spiritual Life
  • Teaching Theology and Religion
  • Theological Studies
  • Theology Today
  • Tikkun
  • Zeitschrift for die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft
  • Zygon

RAMBI—The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies—is a selective bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel. Material listed in Rambi is compiled from thousands of periodicals and from collections of articles—in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and European languages—mainly from the holdings of the Jewish National and University Library in Israel. To search, select Rambi Web.

Rav-Milim Dictionary

The Rav-Milim Dictionary website is a comprehensive Hebrew-English Dictionary. Simply type in a Hebrew word (using a screen keyboard), in any form, and an "array of linguistic information is displayed," including: all forms of the Hebrew word with English translations, all the synonyms and "a complete list of idioms and phrases emanating from each dictionary entry" (with English translations), a listing of rhyming words and a complete grammatical analysis ("part of speech, gender, tenses, conjugations, root, and more"). For a Hebrew translation, simply type in the English word.


Israel's main learning and teaching resource for children, parents, educators and schools, provided by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (in Hebrew), Snunit offers access to various databases and journals, portals and websites, lesson plans and teaching materials, teachers' and students' chat rooms. It includes a subject navigator and full-text searches.

Soncino Talmud Online
The complete Soncino English translation of the Talmud.

The Index of References Dealing With Talmudic Literature
The Saul Lieberman Institute for Talmudic Research, Jewish Theological Seminary. The index gives researchers access to thousands of references to talmudic passages in modern research and medieval scholarship.

The Teacher Reference Center (TRC)
The database is now available compliments of EBSCO Publishing. TRC provides indexing and abstracts for 280 periodicals. In addition, 96% of journals indexed in TRC are peer-reviewed. Topics include: Assessment, Best Practices, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, Higher Education, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Literacy Standards, School Administration, Science & Mathematics, and Teacher Education.

WorldCat is a combined catalog of books, web resources and other material in libraries around the world.