Eser: Expand Your 10
Conversation | Connection | Community

Eser is Hebrew for 10, a number with special significance in Judaism. Ten is a symbol of good luck and power: there are 10 commandments, 10 members of a minyan, and 10 sefirot, or elements of the divine existing in nature.  

Eser encourages you to expand your 10 through discussions and debate with your peers; by exploring contemporary issues and ideas through a Jewish lens; and by building connection and community through conversation.

Eser, a Hebrew College program supported by CJP, brings together individuals in their 20s and 30s throughout the Greater Boston Area, no matter where you are on your Jewish journey. We welcome individuals from all religious, political, gender, and economic backgrounds. Past participants include secular and religious Jews from a variety of movements, and non-Jews, including partners in interfaith relationships and those considering going through conversion.

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Join Eser Maker Mishkan this summer!
This summer, we're offering three innovative courses: Woodworking on Your Jewish Identity, Embroidering Your Jewish Ritual Practice, and Cooking Your Jewish Customs. Through hands-on crafts, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new activities, develop your Jewish identity, and build new connections in your community. Each course consists of six hands-on and text-based class sessions. Pick a craft and explore how it can be a part of your Jewish journey!


Sara Gardner
Associate Director of Young Adult Programs
(617) 559-8809 

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