Fees, Matriculated Students

Type Explanation Fee
Registration fee Required of all students in every program. Fee is nonrefundable. $100 per semester
Music fee Required of all sutdents matriculated in the School of Jewish Music $200 per semester
Health insurance

Massachusetts requires all full-time and part-time students to participate in their school’s health insurance program if they do not have health insurance on their own. All students will be charged this fee automatically. Fee will be waived upon receipt of Insurance Waiver Form (proof of health insurance under another plan).

$1,610 per year


$25 per semester
Graduation fee
All graduating students are required to pay a graduation fee regardless of whether or not they attend graduation.* Fee will be collected in early spring of graduation year.
Ordination and degree $200
Ordination only $175
Degree only $175
Degree and certificate $175
Certificate only $75
*Students in certain programs may have this fee covered by the program sponsor. They will be charged the fee, but the sponsor will pay it rather than the student. These programs currently include BBYO, Pardes and NETA.