Ulpan Interest Form

Ulpan classes are offered at Hebrew levels 1-9 in 2 different formats.

During the summer semester, classes which meet once and twice per week cost $605; classes which meet four times a week cost $820.  Tuition includes registration fees.

After completing this form, a representative from the Hebrew department will be in touch with you to discuss your level placement.

Please note: Ulpan classes are generally non-academic courses, although an academic credit option may be available at a different rate than listed above. For complete information, please contact Tzilla Barone at 617-559-8812.

Ulpan courses are not eligible for any discounts. Registration fees are required for Ulpan courses even if you are taking other courses simultaneously through Hebrew College.

Ulpan students are responsible for notifying the office in writing of their intent to withdraw from a class. Mere absence from class does not reduce financial obligation. Students withdrawing during the first week of classes are eligible to receive a 50 percent refund of tuition; after the first week, no refund will be given.

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