Fifth Annual GISHA Conference:
Innovations for Inclusion in Jewish Settings

The 2013 GISHA conference offered innovative strategies for supporting students with special needs in a wide range of inclusive educational settings. Participants chose from 25 exciting workshops with diverse topics such as:

  • Best practices for teaching students with executive function or autism spectrum disorders
  • Teaching Hebrew reading and tefilla
  • Using technology in the inclusive classroom
  • Developing effective teacher/family communication
  • Implementing peer-assisted learning
  • Helping students develop important social skills, and
  • Providing quality professional development

Conference Highlights

Ora Horn Prouser

Keynote Address
"Who Gives Us Speech? The Jewish Imperative for Special Needs Education"

Ora Horn Prouser
Executive vice president and academic dean, The Academy for Jewish Religion, Yonkers, N.Y.; author, "Esau's Blessing: How the Bible Embraces Those with Special Needs" 

Michael Delman

Keynote Address
"Won't, Can't, Might: Understanding and Working with Executive Function Challenges to Facilitate Academic Progress"

Michael Delman
Founder and president
, Thinking Outside the Classroom, Framingham, Mass.

Sara Rubinow Simon

S'fatai Tiftakh Award 

Sara Rubinow Simon 
Director emerita, special needs department, Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning, Rockville Md.; co-editor, "V'Khol Banayikh: Jewish Education for All — A Jewish Special Needs Resource Guide" 


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