Graduate Level Hebrew Classes

Graduate Level Hebrew

Offered On Campus

Hebrew levels 5 to 8 are offered on campus and generate graduate credit. These courses are required for students in Mekorot and the cantorial- and rabbinic- ordination programs. Hebrew 5 and 7 are offered during fall semester; Hebrew 6 and 8 are offered during spring semester. Hebrew 5 and 6 meet three times per week; Hebrew 7 and 8 meet once per week.

This course sequence focuses on the phonology, morphology and syntax of biblical and rabbinic Hebrew. Solid prior knowledge of Hebrew, including mastery of the Hebrew verb system, is required. This course addresses aspects of Hebrew grammar that are distinctive of biblical and rabbinic Hebrew, including the vocalization and accentuation system, a larger inventory of verb forms and various syntactic features of the language.


Harvey Bock
Hebrew Language Coordinator

Sigalit Davis
Specialist in Hebrew Curriculum Development