Guide to the Library Catalogs

Guide to the Library Catalogs

The Rae and Joseph Gann Library has two catalogs:

  • Online Catalog
    The Hebrew College Library online public catalog system is OPALS from MediaFlex. Eighty percent of the holdings of The Rae and Joseph Gann Library are now in our online library catalog. Older materials are still listed in a card catalog. From the online catalog you can place holds on circulating material, access course reserves, and obtain full-text electronic books and journals.

    • How to use the Online Catalog Enter a search term in the “Keyword” search box on the top line of catalog. The drop down search box with the word “Title” can be pulled down to allow for additional search options including author and subject. Click the word “Advanced” on that line for more search options. For additional information about using OPALS click the orange question mark icon on the search line.
    • Register for a library account by clicking the registration button on the top right of the catalog. You will be asked for your Hebrew College ID number the first time you register.
    • Login by clicking on the login button on the top right of the catalog. This will allow you to check on the items you have out. This system will not allow you to renew online. Contact the library to renew.  Please note, OPALS currently does not send out courtesy notices ahead of the due date of library materials.

  • Card Catalog
    Older books are still listed in a card catalog. The English card catalog is located near the public computers on the main level. The Hebrew card catalogs are in the back of the library on the main level near the children’s books. They index material acquired prior to 1999 classified in the Freidus system. The card catalogs may be searched by author or editor's last name, by title, or by subject. Books with Freidus call numbers are shelved on the upper level of the library.

    • If you have not found what you need in the online catalog, it may be listed in the card catalog, which can be searched in the library or by submitting a Card Catalog Search Request Form.

The Library offers thousands of full-text electronic books accessible through the online catalog or directly at:

Note: Currently not all of the e-book titles are listed in the online catalog but we hope to have them entered in the near future.

The Library provides hundreds of Hebrew and English journals in print, and thousands of journals electronically. To find out if Hebrew College subscribes to a particular journal in print or online, check the Serials Solutions Journal/Database Portal.