Tuition and Fees, Matriculated Students, 2016-17


For 2016-17 Academic Year

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Program Cost per credit Cost per year, full-time (24 credits)
Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Education $925 $22,220
Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies $1,140 $27,360


Graduate Degree Programs

Program Cost per credit Cost per year, full-time (18 credits)
Master of Jewish Liberal Studies $925 $16,650
Master of Arts in Jewish Studies $1,140 $20,520
Master of Jewish Education $925 $16,650
Master of Jewish Education/Master of Arts in Jewish Studies (Dual Degree) $1,070 $19,260
Cantor-Educator Program  $1,140 $20,520
COSEL (up to 22 cr. per semester) $1,140 $28,260 (block)
Rabbinic Program (up to 20 cr. per semester)   $27,990 (block)
— One-Year Mekerot (20 cr. per semester)   $27,990 (block)
— Two-Year Mekerot (10 cr. per semester)   $14,460 (block)


Certificate Programs

School of Jewish Music
Program Cost per credit hour
Jewish Music Education $1,140
Jewish Sacred Music $1,140
Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education
Program Cost per credit hour
Early Childhood Jewish Education $925
Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement $925
Jewish Experiential Education $925
Jewish Special Education $925
Jewish Education Leadership
$975/credit, $2,925/3 credit



For 2016-17 Academic Year


(Fees are nonrefundable and required of all students each semester) 

(nonrefundable, paid each semester)
Type Cost per semester
For those taking only courses for credit
For those taking a combination of credit and noncredit courses $110
For those taking only noncredit courses



Late Fees 

Late fees will be charged if tuition is not paid by due date, at a rate of $20 per day up to a maximum of $500 per semester.


Explanation Cost per semester
Required of all ordination students in the School of Jewish Music
Non-School of Jewish Music students taking voice lessons


Explanation Cost per year
Fee will be waived upon receipt of insurance waiver form (proof of insurance under another qualified plan)
To be determined; 2015-16 was $2,007


Explanation Cost per semester


Required of all graduating students regardless of whether or not they attend graduation ceremonies.*
Fee is collected in early spring of graduation year.

Type Cost
Ordination plus master's degree
Ordination only
Degree only (bachelor's or master's)
Degree plus certificate
Certificate only
* Paid by program sponsor for students in Pardes and NETA programs only