me'ah classroom

meah logoMe'ah — Hebrew for 100 — is an intensive Jewish educational experience designed for busy adult learners of all backgrounds.

Participants are immersed in reading core Jewish texts, grappling with concepts representing cultural and political movements from four historical periods — biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern.

Me'ah courses comprise 100 hours of class time over two years. During this time, you will have the chance to contemplate new and broad-minded ideas and acquire a scaffold upon which you can later build.

Me'ah offers not only an opportunity to grow as a literate student of Jewish life, but also a powerful means to join a growing community of learners — bringing knowledge and insight into your personal life and community as you build your understanding of what Jewish texts and ideas meant historically and what they mean for Jews today.

Me'ah Select is a new program that provides an opportunity to enroll in a 10-session class focused on particular themes, texts and personalities in history. Me'ah Select adheres to Me'ah's high standards of instruction and is open to learners of all backgrounds.


Raylea Pemstein
Director of Operations, Adult Learning