Me'ah FAQ's

How often do classes meet?

Classes meet once a week for approximately 20 weeks per year. Session are generally two to three hours long.

How much reading is involved?

This varies from class to class and instructor to instructor. On average, roughly 75 to 100 pages of reading are assigned each week. Typically, instructors review each week's assignment, prioritizing which readings are most critical for the next class.

What if I can't do all the reading?

While participants encouraged to complete all assignments to maximize the learning experience, Me'ah recognizes that students are busy adults who don't always have time to finish the reading. In any event, you will be able to follow class readings.

What if I have to miss some classes?

Every class is recorded and available to you in the event you have to miss a class.

Do I need to have previous Judaic knowledge to take Me'ah?

No. Me'ah participants come from diverse backgrounds. Many have no formal Jewish education, while others have formally studied Judaic subjects. Some participants are recent Jews by choice; some belong to other faith traditions.

Do I need to know Hebrew?

No. All Me'ah classes are conducted in English and texts are studied in English translation. Teachers do not assume that you know Hebrew. When Hebrew words or texts are referred to, they are translated.

Are there tests, papers or grades?

No. Me'ah is designed for personal enrichment; there are no tests, papers or grades.

Is there an additional cost for books?

Yes. The number of required books varies from class to class, depending on the instructor. The maximum cost for reading materials is about $200 per year.

Who are the instructors?

Me'ah instructors are Judaic scholars with advanced academic degrees. They bring to community-based Me'ah classes a level of scholarship typically encountered only in university settings.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes. You will receive a certificate at the completion of Me'ah. You and your classmates will be honored at Hebrew College's annual commencement exercises in June.

How much does Me'ah Classic cost?

Each site sets its own fee, which may vary according to synagogue funds, local subsidies and class size. Please contact the Me'ah liaison at your site for more information, or review the class registration form for more details.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, there is financial aid available through Hebrew College.  Please contact our office to have a confidential conversation about what would help.