Journey Through the Bible: The Next Best Thing to Time Travel

A Me'ah Online Offering

You may have a copy of the Bible on your bookshelf, but do you know what this important book says? Join others on a captivating journey through the Hebrew Bible, a complex compilation of fascinating material that reflects ancient beliefs, desires, and norms.

You will be part of an online community of approximately 15-17 participants who will explore:

  • The Hebrew Bible in its earliest contexts
  • How the Bible became the Bible
  • Biblical Law-what is it?
  • The influence of the narrative structure on meaning for the Bible
  • The diverse character of God in the Bible
  • The difference between what the Bible says and what it means
  • Exploring how we might use the Bible for understanding the development of Jewish ideas and practices

Download the course syllabus

Class lectures are led buy renowned Bible scholar Marc Brettler, a master educator and teacher who has designed fascinating lectures, created a library of recommended readings, and created thought-provoking questions to ponder throughout the class. Stimulating online discussions on our learning management system platform will enrich your experience.

This asynchronous class allows you to learn at your own pace, and at a convenient time and place. Our distance-learning platform will enable you to access lectures- approximately 1 hour per session, divided into 5 to 10-minute segments-via your tablet or laptop. 

This single-term class is offered by Me’ah (Hebrew for 100), a journey through the narrative of the Jewish people, a program that has educated thousands of adult learners throughout the Boston area and beyond. We invite you to join our learning community!

Cost: $295 plus a $15 registration fee, for a total of $310. 

Questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions page, 

Start date: October 31, 2016.  

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Sara Riedner Brown
Associate Director, Me'ah


Marc Brettler

Marc Brettler, Ph.D.