Three-Day Workshop on Jewish Drumming and Spirituality with Mitch Gordon

Monday, July 23, 2018
7:00 pm

Hebrew College

Three evenings, July 23, 25, and 26 from 7-10pm. Over the span of three days daven together, drum together, lead and follow each other’s lead, and connect to the heart of Sacred Drumming through our individual and collective heartbeats. Djembe and/or doumbek will be the focal point of our instruments, and we will explore a range of frame drums, cajon, klong yaw, and miscellaneous ‘toys’ for atmosphere. We will work on reading music (although music reading experience is not necessary) and intuiting music. We will work on understanding the fundamentals of davening (davenology as Reb Zalman put it) and the role of a drummer in services, drum circle, fire circle, chanting, music, and ensemble. While we will explore technique, this is also a seminar of the heart, the soul and the breath of drumming and of ourselves in sacred spaces. We will explore depths within ourselves and find ways to reach out to others and to listen in the midst of our rhythmic explorations. We will learn to lift, to fall, to hold space… and most importantly we will learn when not to play. This course is open to both experienced drummers and those with little or no drumming experience.

Admission: Purchase Ticket