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Open Circle Jewish Learning brings together small groups of curious, engaged learners with exceptional educators. Participants enjoy guided discussions that are rooted in vibrant Jewish texts and culture and facilitated by experts in the topic. Open Circle groups meet in living rooms, synagogues, and community centers, and typically run for 1.5 to 2 hours, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, for 6 or more sessions. They are open to adults of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds. Those who would like to explore particular subjects may request help in organizing groups. Open Circle Jewish Learning partners with both individuals and organizations. 

The program includes four different tracks:

  • Salons – a living room (or café or library) experience built around Jewish texts of particular interest to participants

  • Mindful Living – an exploration of topics within the realm of Jewish spirituality (e.g., Jewish Mindfulness, meditation, Mussar, and Mysticism)


Registration and Questions? 

Click through to the specific Open Circle track to register.  For further questions, please contact Betsy More.


Betsy More
Associate Director
Open Circles Jewish Learning
Hebrew College