Parenting Rashi class

Curriculum Overview

Your expert instructor will faciliate discussions based on these topics. Please bring your own questions and concerns, as well!

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens (ages 0-10)

Part One: In Our Home

  1. Towards Joyful Parenting
  2. Infusing Our Lives with Meaning
  3. Finding Peace in Our Homes
  4. Shabbat: A Time to Reconnect and Recharge
  5. Parenting at a Time of Loss
  6. Parenting for Kindness

Part Two: In The World 

  1. Parenting for Responsibility
  2. Parenting for Resiliency
  3. Nurturing the Wow
  4. Making Space for Self-Expression
  5. Fostering a connection to the Land of Israel
  6. Hopes & Dreams for Our Children

Parenting Your 'Tween Through a Jewish Lens (ages 10-13)

  1. Parenting Through a Time of Change
  2. Permitting New Freedoms & Communicating Effectively with Your Tween
  3. Guiding Tweens Towards Mindful Speech
  4. Cultivating Jewish Identity in Our Tweens
  5. Fostering an Ethic of Caring


Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens (ages 13-19)

Part One: Grit and Grace While Rasing Teens

  1. Your Parenting Journeys
  2. Identifying Dreams
  3. Your Teen is a Unique Being
  4. Effective Communication

Part Two: Parenting Teens in an Age of Unprecedented Choice

  1. The Good in the Selfish Me
  2. Peace in our Non-Stop World
  3. Jewish Pride and Combatting Anti-Semitism
  4. Making Mistakes and Second Chances


Ahava Rosenthal
Associate Director
Parenting Through a Jewish Lens