Parenting Rashi class

Curriculum Overview

Your expert instructor will facilitate discussions based on these topics. Please bring your own questions and concerns, as well!

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens (ages 0-10)

Series A: In Our Home

  1. Towards Joyful Parenting
  2. Infusing Our Lives with Meaning
  3. Finding Peace in Our Homes
  4. Shabbat: A Time to Reconnect and Recharge
  5. Parenting at a Time of Loss
  6. Parenting for Kindness

Series B: In The World 

  1. Parenting for Resiliency
  2. Parenting for Responsibility
  3. G-d -Talk and Spirituality
  4. Making Space for Self-Expression and Spirituality 
  5. Fostering a Connection to the Land of Israel
  6. Hopes & Dreams for Our Children

Parenting Your 'Tween Through a Jewish Lens (ages 10-13)

  1. Parenting Through a Time of Change
  2. Setting New Limits and Communicating Effectively with Your Tween
  3. Guiding Tweens Towards Mindful Speech
  4. Cultivating Jewish Tween Growth
  5. Fostering an Ethic of Caring


Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens (ages 13-19)

Part One: Grit and Grace While Raising Teens

  1. Your Parenting Journey
  2. Expectations and Dreams
  3. Your Teen is a Unique Being
  4. Effective Communication

Part Two: Parenting Teens in an Age of Unprecedented Choice

  1. The Good in the Selfish Me
  2. Peace in our Non-Stop World
  3. Jewish Pride and Combatting Anti-Semitism
  4. Making Mistakes and Second Chances


Ahava Rosenthal
Associate Director
Parenting Through a Jewish Lens