Course Basics




What is the cost for the course?

  Individual Couple
Parenting Through a Jewish Lens $95 $155
Parenting Your 'Tween Through a Jewish Lens 
Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens 


Are there scholarships available?
Yes. Please call Ahava Rosenthal at 617-559-8734.



Can I participate as a single parent?

Can I participate if I am not Jewish?
Yes, we encourage your participation! 

Can my partner participate with me if s/he is not Jewish?
Yes, interfaith couples find this course affords them a common vocabulary and helps them to think about their own, and their family's, values.

Do I need any Jewish education background or knowledge of Hebrew?
Not at all. 


Course Basics

When does the program begin?
Most classes begin in the fall, but we also offer spring courses. 

What does the curriculum cover?
The curriculum for our parenting programs helps parents discover ways in which Jewish sources of wisdom can inform their choices. Here are a few examples of the types of questions addressed: How can I appreciate my child's uniqueness? How can I help my child become resilient? How can I help my family through dark times? How do I talk to my child about God?

How many sessions are there in the program?
Parenting Through a Jewish Lens is made up of  two  6- session courses.  Parenting your Tween Through a Jewish Lens is 5 sessions.  Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens is made up of two 4-session courses.

How long are the sessions?
Each session is an hour and a half. 

What if I have to miss a session?
Please be in touch with your instructor; perhaps there will be a way to catch up on the material covered.

Do the classes break for school and other holidays?
Yes, we take public school and holiday calendars into account when designing the class calendars. 

Do I have to be a synagogue member to sign up at a synagogue site?
No, all are welcome. 

Who will my instructor be?
We have a wonderful faculty. You can read their bios on our website.

Is there homework?
We provide suggested take home activities to bring sessions' lessons into your home, but there is no required reading or homework prior to each session. 


Childcare (for Parenting Through a Jewish Lens daytime classes only)

How old are the participants' kids?
The program is for parents with children ages 0-11.

Is there babysitting available?
There is free on-site babysitting for all daytime classes. 

Who are the childcare providers?
We have been working with a trusted company, Parents in a Pinch, for  years. They are responsible and responsive and parents rave about them.

Is there any instruction for the children?
Children are entertained while their parents are in class; they are furnished with age appropriate toys and books, and they engage in activities offered by the Parents in a Pinch childcare providers.

Can I use the childcare for only some of the sessions?
Yes, but you must pre-register your children; it is not a drop-in service. 

For more information, find us on facebook and read our blog to gain an insiders perspective.