Parenting your Tween Through a Jewish lens

Parenting Your 'Tween Through a Jewish Lens

parenting your tween through a jewish lens"Both in class and at home, Parenting Your Tween Through a Jewish Lens was a thought provoking and fun opportunity to think about our family's culture in new ways."

Parenting Your Tween Participant

Learn from both ancient and contemporary sources of wisdom that you are not alone in your journey through this complicated life stage.

Parenting Your 'Tween Through a Jewish Lens creates a supportive community of parents where they will explore compelling Jewish texts and traditions and share stories and ideas about raising preteens. 

   The sessions are:

  1. Parenting Through a Time of Change
  2. Permitting New Freedoms and Communicating Effectively with Your Tween
  3. Guiding Tweens Towards Mindful Speech
  4. Cultivating Jewish Identity in Our Tweens
  5. Fostering an Ethic of Caring


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"I really loved the connections to Jewish text and the interesting (and often indirect) ways they intersected with the topics. It was definitely new for me to consider the texts in this context."

"Every session was valuable and it was so nice to take time each week to really think about parenting."