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Funding Your Rabbinic Education

At Hebrew College, we never want finances to stand in the way of you attending our school and becoming a rabbi. We offer our students several forms of financial support to help you through our program and have a dedicated team to help you navigate the path to ordination and beyond.

Need Based Financial Aid

Each year, we dedicate significant institutional resources to providing need based financial aid. Most of our students who apply for it receive need based aid and many at our highest level of giving. You can find specific instructions for applying for financial aid here.

Merit Fellowships

The Rabbinical School awards numerous multi-year Merit Fellowships to incoming students each year. Awards are made based on academic achievement, leadership potential and demonstrated commitment to the core values of the Rabbinical School. All accepted students are considered for Merit Fellowships. No additional application is required.

Student Loans

As an accredited institution of higher learning, Hebrew College enables you to take out federal student loans to help finance your rabbinic education. We will work with you to minimize student loans and help you navigate the various repayment options upon ordination. 

Employment Support

Many of our students work part time throughout rabbinical school to help them gain valuable professional experience and support themselves. Hebrew College has long standing relationships with many Jewish institutions in the Greater Boston area who regularly hire our students for various positions. As a College, we also have many great opportunities for part time work that can help prepare you for a career as a rabbi, including teaching in our adult learning and youth education programs. 

Our full time Director of Professional Development and Job placement regularly sends out job announcements and works with every student to help them clarify their rabbinic vision and find employment opportunities suited to them.

Additional Funding Sources

We encourage students to seek additional funding sources outside of Hebrew College and offer support as you navigate local and online funding opportunities. We also recommend that all applicants who are eligible apply for the Wexner Graduate Fellowship. People can apply for this prestigious and generous fellowship prior to starting in the program and during the first year of the program.


Rabbi Daniel Klein
Director of Admissions

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