Silent Auction Rules

  • To bid on an item, print your name and the amount you wish to bid on the corresponding sheet.
  • The opening bid on each item must be at least the minimum price listed.
  • Each subsequent raise must follow the increment listed. Any bids not adhering to this format will be declared invalid and voided. If a name is crossed out, that bid will be considered null.
  • Once the auction is declared closed, the last bid entered on the bid sheet that adheres to the 
designated increment shall constitute the winning bid and will be so marked.
  • The Auction Committee will mediate any disputes among bidders and that determination shall 
be final.
  • Invoices will be prepared shortly after the closing of the Silent Auction. Winning bidders may settle their account before or after the formal program. The list of winners will be posted in the Silent Auction area, and invoices will be available at the Silent Auction table.
  • Auction item purchases are final. No returns or exchanges will be issued, nor is it possible for expiration dates to be extended. All provisions listed in the certificates are subject to availability.
  • Auction item purchases are tax-deductible only if the winning bid exceeds the fair market value of the item (listed on the invoice). The tax-deductible amount is the winning bid minus the fair market value.
  • Auction item transactions are considered cash donations to Hebrew College.
  • Hebrew College provides no guarantees, warranties or servicing of auction items and is not liable for any personal injury or damage to property that may result from the use of the item or service sold.
  • Accounts must be settled before leaving Celebrate on May 7.

We accept cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).