Summer 2013 Community Education

The course listed below may be taken noncredit at the special community rate of $500. Those wishing to take the course for credit must pay the full-tuition price.

Jewish Studies and Jewish Education
Hiddur Mitzvah: Beautifying Jewish Life Nashman-Fraiman Su, 6-8 pm; M-Th, 9 am-4 pm; F, 9 am-1 pm June 23-28  3  CG INTD 548
This seminar will be a week-long inquiry into the ways that Jews beautify places and objects in their quest for "Hiddur Mitzvah." We will look at the historical setting when these objects were created and the various artistic strategies and media used by the artists. Using the tools of art history, history of religion and social history we will gain a new understanding and appreciation of Jewish life through the ages. We will also gain new insights into the origins of some of our most familiar Jewish ritual objects. There will be one field trip and one hands-on workshop.