TAKUM: A Global Social Justice Beit Midrash

TAKUMThe TAKUM ("tikkun u’mishpat" / mending and justice) Global Social Justice Beit Midrash is a new 10-month program with cohorts in Boston; Brooklyn, N.Y.; London; and Jerusalem. This unique initiative blends Jewish text study, online discussion and volunteer service.

Participants will have the opportunity to help create local communities of practice and an international network of Jewish peers and teachers.
This year, the TAKUM curriculum will focus on issues of human dignity through an exploration of such classical Jewish concepts as "tzelem Elohim" (human beings created in the “Divine image”) "makhloket le’shem shamayim" (constructive disagreement), "tzedakah" (justice and charity) and "mipnei darkhei shalom" (peaceful coexistence). We will analyze the content of these sources, the historical contexts in which they were written and their applicability to contemporary life.

Participants will also engage in weekly volunteer service in their local communities and will have regular opportunities to reflect on these experiences and on the relationship between service and study. Through reflection with others from the local and international cohorts, participants will also explore similarities and differences among and within our communities.

Applications for the inaugural Boston cohort are now being accepted. To fill out an application form, click here.


Benjamin Barer
Project Coordinator