Travel Programs

Israel Travel

Pirke Dorot is Prozdor's groundbreaking pilot program with our sister school in Haifa, the Hebrew Reali School. Thanks to a generous grant from CJP, we have, over the past ten years, shared the joy of student travel exchanges with more than 450 students from Prozdor and Reali.

Our annual trip to Israel, and our annual hosting of Reali students, is unquestionably one of the hallmarks of Prozdor. Building on our shared learning and curriculum, the power of the peer travel experience creates lasting and meaningful connections between students and families in Boston and Haifa, and between Prozdor and Reali.

Other Travel 

Beyond the uniqueness of our teachers and classrooms, Prozdor offers its students the chance to literally see the world on peer travel experiences.

Recent destinations and trips have included:

  • Camp Yavneh Shabbaton
  • Montreal
  • New York City
  • Sea Bright, New Jersey
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Ukraine
  • London
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • The American South