Tuition and Fees, Matriculated Students, 2018-19


For 2018-2019 Academic Year


Graduate Degree Programs

Program Cost per credit Cost per year, full-time (18 credits)
Master of Arts in Jewish Studies $1,200 $21,600
Master of Jewish Education $1,200 $21,600
Master of Jewish Education/Master of Arts in Jewish Studies (Dual Degree) $1,200 $21,600
COSEL (up to 22 cr. per semester) $1,200 $30,950 (block)
Rabbinic Program (up to 20 cr. per semester) $1,200 $29,990 (block)
— One-Year Mekorot (20 cr. per semester) $1,200 $29,990 (block)
— Two-Year Mekorot (10 cr. per semester) $1,200 $15,010 (block)


Certificate Programs

School of Jewish Music
Program Cost per credit hour
Jewish Sacred Music $1,200

Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education
Program Cost per credit hour
Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement  $1,200



For 2018-19 Academic Year


(Fees are nonrefundable and required of all students each semester) 

(nonrefundable, paid each semester)
Type Cost per semester
For those taking only courses for credit
For those taking a combination of credit and noncredit courses $110
For those taking only noncredit courses


Late Fees

There is a $50 fee for matriculated students who register after classes have begun.


Explanation Cost per semester
Required of all ordination students in the School of Jewish Music
Non-School of Jewish Music students taking voice lessons



Explanation Cost per semester


Required of all graduating students regardless of whether or not they attend graduation ceremonies.*
Fee is collected in early spring of graduation year.

Type Cost
Ordination plus master's degree
Ordination only
Degree only (bachelor's or master's)
Degree plus certificate
Certificate only
* Paid by program sponsor for students in Pardes and Bishvil-Haivrit programs only