Tuition and Fees, Hebrew

2018-2019 Academic Year

Hebrew Online (undergraduate level)
Mekhina Hebrew (Introductory Hebrew) $500
(available for non-credit only)

2-credit Hebrew $800 (non-credit)  
$2,400 (credit)

4-credit Hebrew $1,200 (non-credit) 
$4,800 (credit)

On-Campus Hebrew  
Graduate Hebrew   
2-credit classes $700 (non-credit)
$2,400 (credit)

3-credit classes $1,050 (non-credit)
$3,600 (credit) 

4-credit classes $1,400 (non-credit)
$4,800 (credit)

Senior discount (65 and older)* 20% (off non-credit courses only)

*Full registration fee applies.
Proof of age may be required.
Does not apply to Ulpan courses.

Ulpan (Intensive Hebrew On Campus)

"Short Track" -- twice a week in summer semester  $550 (non-credit) *
"Long Track" -- four times a week in summer semester $765 (non-credit) *
Chug Ivrit (Conversational Hebrew) $310 (non-credit) *
Registration fee, required in addition to registration paid for academic courses $55 (non-credit)
* If you are interested in Ulpan for credit, please contact Tzilla Barone  to make special arranagements. Please note that the cost for Ulpan for credit is the same as credit Hebrew on campus. 
Registration Fees (nonrefundable, paid each semester)
Courses taken for credit $110/semester
Courses taken for noncredit $55/semester
Combination of credit and noncredit courses $110/semester