students join hands in a circle

A Vibrant Community

Our students and faculty are a community, both within and beyond the walls of the college.

We study together, engage in communal prayer and celebration and share the rhythms of the Jewish year and of each other’s lives. Student leadership and initiative is actively encouraged, and we seek ways to draw forth the distinctive contributions of each member of our community. Having experienced our approach to building community within the school, graduates are inspired to create vibrant and inclusive communities wherever they serve as cantors.

Tefillot (Prayer)

Cantorial students learn through both theory and practice, and are instrumental in creating a spiritual community on campus. Each morning at Hebrew College, students and faculty from the School of Jewish Music and the Rabbinical School lead traditional and creative tefillot. Some days, tefillot take place with the entire Hebrew College community, while on other days in small groups based on needs and goals. Daily services on campus are energizing forums for enriching the spirit. Students are encouraged to discover forms of tefillot that speak to their hearts. Both cantorial and rabbinical students cultivate their skills in leading communities in prayer. 

Social Responsibility

We believe that Judaism teaches us to engage with the world around us. Through study, prayer, education, activism, organization, community service and interfaith leadership, we seek to address pressing human issues and bring healing to the world. With our neighbors at Andover Newton Theological School, we have a thriving interfaith program that promotes mutual understanding, respect and responsibility. Our graduates understand that cantorial leaders must transcend parochial concerns and take responsibility not only for the Jewish future but for the future of our planet as well.


Marcia Spellman
Administrator, School of Jewish Music

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